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Political Savvy – What you can do!

When office politics and political savvy are mentioned, many think of selfish, deceitful, deceptive, sneaky, conniving individuals who are doing things like: — Snitching to management— Lying or covering the truth— Playing dishonest games, i.e. taking undue credit for others’ work — Discounting another’s opinion or idea— Back stabbing Yes, it is true, there areRead… Read more »

Social Events and Political Savvy

It is that time of year again when organizations have social functions. Always remember that work social events are an informal extension of the organization. So to make sure you are politically savvy I have put together some Dos and Don’ts for your sucess this social season. Don’ts Don’t lie and not show up Don’tRead… Read more »

Top 10: Topics NOT to Discuss with Your Coworkers

The Top Ten Topics You MIght NOT Want to Share with All Your Coworkers from Lady Dianne 1. Off color or racially charged jokes and comments (includes gay, lesbian, religious, ethnic, disability or blonde jokes) 2. Wild weekends or hangovers 3. Politics or religion 4. Intimate details of life (includes relationships) 5. Personal problems andRead… Read more »

How To Check Out Your Supervisor

What Do You Know About Your Supervisor? Establishing a positive productive relationship with your supervisor is one of the most important factors in achieving career success. Understanding how your supervisor thinks and works is the key to building a productive partnership. The answers to the following questions may give you insight into how your supervisorRead… Read more »