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Tracking Your Social Media Impact/Engagement (Open Source Edition)

If you aren’t following the work of Jason Calacanis (Mahalo, ThisWeekIn, etc), the short answer is you probably should. Like many others at the tech forefront and the many start up guru’s of the West Coast, Jason is one that loves to share his ideas, his work, ideas with others, and simply just provide information that helps people get where they are going. But enough about how awesome Mr. Calacanis is (even if he is beyond awesome..) The point to my entry today is to draw attention to an awesome social media impact assessment tool/engagement measurement tool that Jason passed along to the masses just this week and in the wake of finally having a way to keep track of your Google+ impact on the world. (Yup, I said it..You can actually get Google+ stats now.) So, what is this magical tool? ThinkUp.

Okay, so now what? Well what have we covered so far? 1.) Jason Calacanis is someone you should follow/friend/etc. He’s got the goods. (if you want a full feed, add Robert Scoble as well.) 2.) ThinkUp is a free social tool that helps you digest your social media actions on the interwebs. That second part is the one that is probably most important here. ThinkUp allows you to track your social footprint, your digital footprint, digital engagement, or whatever buzz term fits your existence best. (I’m not here to judge, simply to pass along the awesomeness.)

Right, so: ThinkUp. Basically, ThinkUp is an open source beta that allows users to keep track of a cross section of social media accounts/tools to see what types of impact/engagement they are having on the rest of the world. Everything from tracking twitter accounts, facebook accounts, and now Google+. To catch your attention I have provided a few screen shot examples that demonstrate just what the tool can do. But if seeing some static screen shots just doesn’t do it for you, check out the live twitter demo! Whitehouse Twitter.

..and now..screen shots!

..Want to track your tweeks, replies, retweets, traffic, etc? Yeah, there IS an APP for that..

..The White House apparently averaged roughly 600 new followers a DAY in September..

Not sure about anyone else, but this looks to be an outstanding option to start trying to keep track of traffic type stats and in formats that are very straight forward use and manipulate. The latest version even does geo-location of content being tracked, when and if available.

Bottom line: it’s open source, it keeps adding features, and seems fairly simple to use. So, what are you waiting for!?

(Note: if you are already using this awesome tool, let us know what you think and how you’re using it!)

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