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Transitioning Military Job Seeker Uses Social Networks, Business Cards and QR Codes

We caught up with Captain Eric Jacksonat the recent Cleared Job Fair in Springfield, VA. Eric is an Information Systems Manager for the Army and he’s seeking a position in the network defense and security area in the Northern VA to DC part of the metro area. Eric met with SAIC, ManTech, URS, HP and Standard Technology at the Cleared Job Fair, and has had follow-up interviews with both Standard Technology and ManTech.

The Power of Social Networks

I met Eric several months ago while presenting Using Social Networking in Your Job Search to a transitioning military class at Fort Belvoir. When I started talking about GovLoop.com, I noticed someone in the front of the room texting under the table.

After the presentation was over, the gentleman introduced himself to me – Captain Eric Jackson. He apologized for the texting and related that his wife wanted to work for a government agency, so he was telling her to check out GovLoop.

By the time Eric approached me after the presentation — about 20 minutes — his wife had two connections and a phone call with individuals in the agency where she wanted to work. The power of social networks!

Job search business card

Job Search Business Card with a QR Code

Eric is using a business card he created specifically for his job search. In a networking situation it’s an instant conversation piece and it does stand out. “I’ve gotten quite a bit of positive feedback that it’s unique with the QR code. The summary on the back states what I’m looking for without pandering,” Eric shared.

Back of job search business card

QR codes are scannable from a smartphone and link the user directly to a web site. Eric’s QR code is on both his business card and his resume, and links to his LinkedIn profile. His goal was to stand out from the crowd, and he got the idea from a US Newsarticle last summer. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of those impressed by it,” Eric added.

Have you used a business card specifically for your job search and did it work well for you?

What about a QR code?

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Corey McCarren

I like the idea of using a QR code on a business card, especially for those in tech fields. I’ve never used a job-search specific business card. On one hand I like that its straightforward, on the other hand I’d worry that the people I give it to think I expect something or that I’m needy.

Kathleen Smith

Thanks for the comment Corey! From Captain Jackson’s perspective it’s all in the presentation of the card in a networking situation. He provides the card when networking as a reminder of the discussion that has taken place. Networking is a two-way street, particularly when it is with other job seekers. You need to approach those situations planning on being of assistance to those you speak with as well — with information on jobs you may have run across, experiences that may help them in their search, etc. That way you’re not needy!