Trends on Tuesdays: Smartphones, Age & Income

According to Mashable and a new study by Nielsen:

Smartphone penetration among young people in the lowest income bracket is higher than it is among older people in the wealthiest bracket.

Among 18- to 24-year-olds, more than half of respondents who make less than $15,000 each year said they own a smartphone….Making less than $15,000 in a year doesn’t stop 43% of these 25- to 34-year-old mobile customers from paying for a smartphone.

Meanwhile, fewer than 20% of respondents older than 45 who make less than $15,000 said they owned a smartphone.– more from Mashable

Nielsen also reported that 80% of the 25-34 year olds who bought a new phone in the past three months chose a smartphone.

Looks like, at least for now, younger people are making room in their tight budgets for a smartphone.

**reposted from the Mobile Gov Blog from the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at GSA**

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