TSP Investing Advice on Retiring a Millionaire

Usually, in todays economy, most federal employees I speak with have doubts on their thrift savings plan retirement. The older employees have an interesting mindset. They feel the market is too unpredictable to dabble in interfund transfers. “Too dangerous” is what I get most of the time. As of this post, I am 32 years old and have been highly interested in seeking TSP advice.

Thrift Savings Plan Advice

Is it because of my age? Or is it because I realize that if I “dabble” with educated and strategic interfund transfers, I can actually make a higher gain. Or is it safer to leave it in one fund or L fund. If a federal employee does the calculation on their tsp calculator they might be motivated enough to see retiring a millionaire is attainable.

Starting with a TSP account of $10,000, in over 30 years with a gain of 12% every year, I can retire with over $2.5M?

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