ULI Richmond Hosts Urban Innovation Fund Series

ULI Richmond Urban Innovation Fund Series
The Real Richmond – Part One – The Region’s Changing Housing Needs
February 17th @ 7:30 am

“The Richmond Chapter of the Urban Land Institute is launching a three-part series examining the impact of the region’s changing demographics. “Projected population shifts will have a dramatic impact on our region’s resources from housing, to transportation, to land use needs,” said Laura Lee Garrett, Chair of the Richmond District Council of the Urban Land Institute. “This will challenge us to build upon the great planning work to date and to take a regional perspective on the future. We need to involve a broader cross-section of stakeholders as we strive to meet the needs of new markets and opportunities.” (Source: ULI Website)

Read more at http://www2.timesdispatch.com/business/business/2012/feb/06/tdmbiz05-urban-land-institute-launches-series-to-h-ar-1666337/ and register at https://netforum.uli.org/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?site=ULIMC&webcode=DCouncilEventInfo&Reg_evt_key=b37339c3-2859-4006-992b-11210c51259b&RegPath=EventRegFees

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