Understanding what’s happening with UK Government Digital

I was trawling through old posts last night and came across Nick Halliday’s post on blogs he had been asked to suggest were included on govloop.

His suggestions were as follows:

Steph Gray – Helpful technology – essential –http://www.helpfultechnology.com/helpful-blog/

Dave Briggs – Davepress – essential – http://davepress.net/

Carl Haggerty – Carl’s Notepad – http://carlhaggerty.wordpress.com/

Stefan at DWP – Public Strategist – http://publicstrategist.com/

Paul Clarke – Honesty Real – http://paulclarke.com/honestlyreal/2011/02/how-the-government-gateway-works/

Neil Williams – Mission Creep – http://neilojwilliams.net/missioncreep/

Given Nick’s list was compiled almost a year ago, I thought I would add a few more to this list so that anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of UK digital can find some additional resources.

Here are, in no particular order, another four I would suggest:

Emma Mulqueeny – @hubmum on twitter –http://mulqueeny.wordpress.com/

Jeremy Gould – @jeremygould on twitter – http://whitehallwebby.wordpress.com/ (great for a historical perspective)

Stephen Hale – @hmshale on twitter – http://hale.dh.gov.uk (health focus)

My Society – @mysociety on twitter – http://www.mysociety.org/blog/ (Disruption from the outside)

There are literally many, many, many more that could be included and I have intentionally left some very good ones out. Not neccesarily because I’m lazy, but I’d prefer to see a list curated by the community (ok, yes, perhaps I’m being a bit lazy).

What UK based public sector blogs are you reading? Suggestions welcome!

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Stefan Czerniawski

And of course there is Public Sector Blogs which aggregates feeds from a rich list of UK bloggers including (I am pretty sure) all those listed above. New posts in that feed also pop up on twitter at @PubSecBloggers. Suggestions for additions to the list are always welcome.