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I’ve Joined the UK’s Knowledge Hub. Here’s Why

Imagine a virtual place where people who work in the wider public sector could find and network with each other, collaborate and publish, share anything, create and join expert groups. A place where a public servant or health worker or councillor or local government officer or charity worker or trustee could find and connect withRead… Read more »

Government Websites: Three Things the UK Does Well set an example and others followed In 2012, the Government Digital Service team launched a new home for the Cabinet of the United Kingdom replacing two sites: directgov and business link, and it was truly simple. No unnecessary imagery, homepage flashiness or marketing ploys. On, you find information related to government services, andRead… Read more »

New Research Shows Top 3 Ways for Improving Communications in U.K. Government Organisations

In 2014, around 100 U.K. government communication professionals were surveyed to determine the most important trends driving public sector communication with the public and stakeholders. GovDelivery published the results in an e-book, the UK Trends E-book. Here are some of the findings. Naturally, there were varied responses to our survey; however, communicators tended to shareRead… Read more »

How can UK Local Government achieve Digital by Default?

Two of the biggest challenges facing government IT policy is how best to tap into the potential of open data and how to make digital by default a core goal. mySocity’s director Tom Steinberg hosted a session at LGA Conference 2012 outlining how local government should respond to these two issues and enable the sectorRead… Read more »

The Power of One

By Dave Worsell, Director, Government Solutions, GovDelivery UK I was recently asked to present to the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) for a “Lunch and Learn” session. The purpose of the presentation was to demonstrate the importance of proactive public sector communications and some of the risks and pitfalls when providing proactive communication on aRead… Read more »

Make Conversations Possible: What Open Standards and Open Source means to government and citizens

Over the past week, we have been inundated with articles surfacing in response to the UK government’s first open standards roundtable discussion hosted by the Cabinet Office that was held on the 4th of April. It was described as “a resounding call to scrap the government’s policy on open standards“, as Mark Ballard from ComputerRead… Read more »

Changing the government IT landscape with CloudStore

On Sunday, February 19, the Government Procurement Service officially launched CloudStore for UK central government and local authorities. The UK government first proposed the G-Cloud initiative over two years ago with the goal of bringing a wider range of cloud suppliers to the public sector while increasing the flexibility of procurement contracts. The programme wantedRead… Read more »

Understanding what’s happening with UK Government Digital

I was trawling through old posts last night and came across Nick Halliday’s post on blogs he had been asked to suggest were included on govloop. His suggestions were as follows: Steph Gray – Helpful technology – essential – Dave Briggs – Davepress – essential – Carl Haggerty – Carl’s Notepad – StefanRead… Read more » Wins UK Public Sector Digital Award, the UK’s official free and open online legislative service, has won the UK Public Sector Digital Award for “Best example of ICT-enabled innovation and enterprise,” according to a 20 January 2012 announcement on The National Archives Website. Please join me in congratulating John Sheridan, creator and administrator of, and a member of ourRead… Read more »