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Understanding what’s happening with UK Government Digital

I was trawling through old posts last night and came across Nick Halliday’s post on blogs he had been asked to suggest were included on govloop. His suggestions were as follows: Steph Gray – Helpful technology – essential – Dave Briggs – Davepress – essential – Carl Haggerty – Carl’s Notepad – StefanRead… Read more »

No rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something!

Edison’s quote about trying to accomplish things has always been one of my favourites. For me it highlights the problems that can occur when rules, guidelines and parameters are applied to something as fluid as engaging online. One of the things I find people ask for most when devising a ‘social strategy’ are previous examplesRead… Read more »

A Second Life for government?

The Department of Innovation Universities and Skills Social Media Manager, Steph Gray, asked an interesting question the other day about second life and examples of government use. I have to admit, I’m not a particularly big fan of the platform. Whilst I think there are potential applications for government in virtual worlds, take-up is stillRead… Read more »