Updating Website (Govloop Community, Please Provide Input For Ideas!)

Hello Govlooper’s-

Iowa Community Education Association is looking to add to the website.
We would like a website that attracts new traffic, keeps traffic (both
new and old) on the site (going from page to page and not exiting on
the first page visited), and want to keep site viewers to revisit the

By doing this we hope to increase membership of the organization and be able to provide more to our members

With that being said we would like to have contribution of ideas from the great members of Govloop.

If you have any ideas please respond to this post. Thank you in advance
for all of your input and I look forward to reading it. I will provide
feedback to your ideas.

The website for Iowa Community Education Association is:


Michael O. Johnston, Webmaster
Iowa Community Education Association (ICEA)

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