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Accelerate Your Agency’s Adoption of AI and ML with AWS and Partners

AI and ML solutions can increase agencies’ efficiency, improve job satisfaction, and increase the quality of services offered to constituents.

Valuing Experience: Advice from a Seasoned Public Servant

I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite public servants, the Director of the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support at the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Sherry Middleton.  With over 32 years of experience in public service through both government and nonprofit work, Sherry is a respected, influential, andRead… Read more »

Disrupting Inequality: Design Thinking for Upward Mobility

Last week, we celebrated the launch of Living Cities’ latest interactive annual report Disrupting Inequality: Living Cities’ Perspective in 2013. Living Cities is an innovative collaboration among 22 foundations and financial institutions committed to improving the lives of low-income people and the cities where they live. This year, the Living Cities report is focused onRead… Read more »

Nonprofit Organizations: Myths and Facts

“Nonprofit” Does Not Mean “No Money” Recent news reports claimed that the IRS targeted extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit tax exemptions. It was much ado about nothing. But it’s time to clarify nonprofits’ legal status and their social roles in our culture. The Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of nonprofit organizations was aRead… Read more »

Measuring Success

By Susit Dhakal, Associate Consultant One of the projects I am working on this semester involves analyzing metrics that measure the success of programs which provide educational grants for women. As I started reaching out to various not-for-profit organizations to figure out how they measure the impact of their programs, I soon realized the challengesRead… Read more »

Terrorism Research Center Reconstitutes as Non-Profit Organization

I took great pleasure in reading the release below regarding the reconstitution of the Terrorism Research Center. The founders of the Terrorism Research Center (Matthew Devost, Brian Houghton, and Neal Pollard) are all highly regarded national security professionals and thought leaders who bring years of proven past performance to helping the nation think through someRead… Read more »

How do people get information about their community?

Http://LeonardSipes.Com I listen to a lot of tech-related podcasts on my daily commute via train every day. If one listens to the pundits the social world is the near future and traditional methods of communication will be permanently left behind. The observations are limited but understandable considering the well-documented decline in traditional media use. There’sRead… Read more »