Useful Links for the Open Government Directive

Useful Links for the Open Government Directive

OSTP Blog – The White House Open Government Dashboard – Seeking your input:

Slides from Open Gov Directive Workshop:

Evaluating the /open pages for the Open Government Directive:

Sunlight Labs Open Watcher:

Participation and Collaboration: Two Cornerstones to an Effective Open Government:

Barry Everett on GovLoop: Checking out “Show Me Your /OPEN Web Page – Be the first…” on GovLoop – Social Network for Gov:

Customize YOUR profile and search for others at #NASA by tags and skills on people.openNASA:

Do you have a NASA email address? Want to be part of OpenNASA? Send an email to the link below and we’ll add you:

OpenNASA v2.0 screenshots. We want to make the UI as clean and intuitive as possible, borrowing heavily from myYahoo and iGoogle. Everything is a gadget or a widget! Comments and feedback welcomed from everyone, webbies and non-webbies alike, this is still a work in progress:

OpenNASA v2.0 presentation to the Federal Intranet Content Managers on June 11, 2009:

Apps for Air, Apps for Space, Apps for Life, Apps for Humanity, Apps for Earth:

Apps for Democracy:

Megan Eskey
Web Manager, NASA Ames Research Center
Steering Committee, Federal Intranet Content Managers

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