Using Less Energy is Good for the Business of Government

For 40 years, Earth Day has helped us all realize that simple acts can make a big difference in using our resources more wisely!

Saving energy is something we can all do, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to make a difference. Which got us thinking…

We all know that the federal government is grappling with significant energy issues – it is not only the U.S. economy’s largest consumer of energy but is also its biggest buyer of computer equipment.

And while President Obama’s administration is committed to “greening” government through Executive Order 13514 – what a difference it would make if those who work for the government, the actual users of all that energy, joined in too.

Are you up to VMware’s Government Energy Challenge?

The historic success of Earth Day comes from raising awareness about the importance of energy conservation, sharing examples and doing our part individually to make a collective difference – and that’s the fundamental goal of the VMware Government Energy Challenge.

Based on the simple premise of making a difference – one kilowatt at a time, the VMware Government Energy Challenge encourages government employees to join the VMware Federal team in committing to saving more energy in the workplace every day during the 30 days leading up to Earth Day on April 22.


Simple acts make a difference. Turn a light off when you leave a conference room or put your PC into sleep mode if you aren’t using it for more than two hours.

If you are ready to make a difference, sign-up to join the VMware Government Energy Challenge today.

Join the fun! Look out for updates, blog posts, and reports on the energy saving steps and successes achieved across government in the coming weeks!

Let’s make a difference – one kilowatt at a time!

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