Using SharePoint to enable ITIL: Consequences of unmanaged services

Since technology appears simple to operation the assumption is that it’s simple to build and manage. What isn’t seen by end-users today is all the complexity behind a product or service. The consequences of operationally mature, technically naïve stakeholders and end-users are having to justify investments in information technology. While it’s not unreasonable to ask for such, it’s difficult due to the complexities and variables of how the services are created and used. Adding to this complexity, the financial measurements and analysis is still an immature field. Accounting systems only within the past few decades have started addressing services and other abstract assets. However how to measure benefits still raises strong disagreements between CIOs and CFOs.

In addition the expectation of I.T. Services is that they are as stable and reliable as other mature services telephone, water and electricity. As a result organizations have moved past I.T. as a “tool” that is adjunct to how work is accomplished and have or are weaving information technology into the very fabric of the business and in some cases integrating I.T. into the products and services they deliver.

This is part of a multipart White Paper in process. The rest of this section can be read here until I get my feed working again to GovLoop:

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