Video: New Website Takes Risks

As Andy Krzmarzick wrote in his post, the website re-launched today with a dramatic new look and new features.

What do you think of their bold new focus on ‘Search’? They say that’s what most visitors did on their old site, so they took it to the extreme in this rendition. Another interesting element – location based tools. Find services and even jobs near you, or browse other cities. Check out my video for more insights and some feedback to the team.

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Stephanie Slade

I love the spirit behind this move. You just can’t overestimate the importance of a website’s visual appeal and usability. That said, I notice some minor technical annoyances. (The third info box when you scroll down is getting covered up by the menu bars along the top and bottom, which is frustrating.) That’s the risk you run when you try to get fancy, I think. Hopefully they’ll work through the bugs and get it running smoothly soon.

Kristy Dalton

@Stephanie Thanks for your note. Ah, the kinks on day one of a major website launch are always interesting. I did notice that of the 10 government offices mapped out for Park City, 6 of them are actually liquor stores. Hmm…