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Open Gov Defined – More Than A Noun, A Verb Of Gov Transformation

If you ask 20 people to define open government, you will get 20 different responses. The lack of uniformed definitions makes implementing open government services very difficult. It would be like asking a pastry chef to bake a cherry pie and then providing 20 different recipes. The chef would have no idea which pie youRead… Read more »

A Citizen’s Guide to Open Government, E-Government, and Government 2.0

Engaged citizens want clear, credible information from the government about how it’s carrying on its business. They don’t want to thumb through thousands of files or wait month after month or go through the rigors of filing claims through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). They want government information, services, and communication to be forthcoming andRead… Read more »

e-government academy certficiation program

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is launching the e-government academy which is an on-line certification program for government professionals. It consists for four 5-week courses and is targeted for working professionals looking to enhance their e-government and IT skills. To view a webinar discussing the new on-line e-Government Academy program please click on:Read… Read more »

What’s the most important Gov 2.0 or open government story of 2011? Why?

2011 is almost over and, with the promise of new year, it’s time to look back at the year that was. Here on Govloop, the community has already been discussing the issue of the year. So far, the threat of a government shutdown has led the list. A related issue –“austerity” — was the storyRead… Read more »

Video: New Website Takes Risks

As Andy Krzmarzick wrote in his post, the website re-launched today with a dramatic new look and new features. What do you think of their bold new focus on ‘Search’? They say that’s what most visitors did on their old site, so they took it to the extreme in this rendition. Another interesting elementRead… Read more »

eGov2.0 conference in Russia

On November 26 we had the first e-government conference taken in Moscow. This is the first event which is case-study based, the best practices were demonstrated there. The total number of participants: 273 persons, 80% are authorities’ officials and 20% are experts. There were 52 reports made on the next subjects: Providing of electronic publicRead… Read more »

Technology, Innovation, and the Future of Government

I had the opportunity recently to take Dream Talk Radio to Silicon Valley, for a very interesting conversation and multi-media event about e-government. E-government is the idea that advances in technology and information processing can be applied to help local, state, and national agencies be more efficient, responsive, and effective in the process of governing.Read… Read more »