Watchdog group says public trust in Oyster card at risk

Travelers have paid millions of pounds in overcharges to London-area transportation providers and public trust in the Oyster card could be undermined, unless changes are made according to new research from London TravelWatch. The watchdog group, set up by Parliament to provide a voice for the traveling public, looked into concerns about “incomplete journeys” on Oyster Pay As You Go cards when passengers did not touch in or out at stations. These incomplete trips amounted to about £60 million in 2010, of which about 40% were overpayments. “The Oyster smart card is immensely popular, but it is clear that passengers have big knowledge and information gaps about how to get value for money, and how to claim refunds,” said chair of London TravelWatch Sharon Grant. “Not only does this result in overpayment, but it threatens to undermine Oyster’s success as passengers start to lose trust in the system.” Link to full story in

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