Water, Water Everywhere….

The Big ThirstWater resource issues rarely garner front-page attention. Aside from the attention gained from a major drought or flood, clean abundant water is taken for granted and concerns over water resources are not well-publicized. So, when a good book comes out and a newspaper of record runs an interview with its author, we thought it was well worth sharing with our readers.

Charles Fishman, author of The Big Thirst, says that the “golden age of water” is slipping away. Here’s one compelling quote to whet your appetite for water issues:

“We will not, going forward, have water that has all three of those qualities at the same time: unlimited, unthinkingly inexpensive and safe.”

Read the New York Times interview here and you can also find more on NPR as well.

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Peter Sperry

If water is such a scarce resourse we need to use inefective toilets, why do I walk past 7 blocks of building superintendents using power hoses instead of push brooms to clean their sidewalks every morning?