weddings at City Hall

by Carla Hansen, SF2012

I have the privilege of working for the Department of Public Works within San Francisco City Hall. I’m two months into my Fellowship and every morning this building still takes my coffee breath away. The innovative, socially-responsible policy made here and the beauty of a building built in 1915 is, of course, powerful but I enjoy something a little different.

Cue the confession: I’m Carla and I’m a sucker for weddings. On a tour of City Hall during orientation, the Fellows were enlightened to the fact that six weddings an hour occur in the building on Fridays. But there isn’t a shortage of them on other weekdays either.

Whenever I’m walking into the building in the morning or skipping down the stairs at the end of the day, I can catch a quick ceremony. The wedding dresses, vows and even watching the awkward family photos bring on the water-works. Waterproof mascara can thank me for its boost in sales.

There is something about the “Tennessee Pink” marble, 52-step staircase and 23.5 karat gold dome that screams “get married here.” I’ve even come across a familiar marble column or two in popular wedding magazines. Not that I peruse those in my free time or anything, though.

I urge everyone to visit this “marble shack” as I sarcastically call it and creep in on a ceremony under the Rotunda. The future married folks don’t seem to mind. Also, if you’re thinking about your first or next wedding, bias aside, I recommend City Hall. Just be sure your photographer can crop out a teary-eyed, red-headed woman standing in all your portraits.

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