Weekend Wondering – A Leading Holiday Season

The holidays often bring up the difficult juxtaposition of fantasy meeting reality. From childhood, we dreamed of special days filled with good food, fun times, and wonderful gifts. Often the reality of stressed out adults, parading by relatives rarely seen and toys not quite what we imagined pierced our visions and sent us spiraling into abyss of harsh reality.

Before the holiday season gets into full swing, take a few quiet moments to reflect on your dreams for the upcoming festivities. Are you thoughts based in unrealistic childhood fantasy? Have you become an adult Scrooge defending against disappointment by remaining jaded? Are you basing your success during the holidays on how it looks rather than how it feels?

With just a few moments of reflection about what the next few weeks are going to be like, you have probably tapped into years of programmed thinking. So, as you make the leadership choice this year, how can you do it differently? Is there a middle ground between excessive consumption, unrealistic expectations, and simply trying to avoid meaningful interaction altogether? Can you be the leader in your family or group of friends who gets beneath the commercial to the community and companionship? And perhaps most of all, can you find the compassion for yourself and everyone else?

If you choose to approach the holidays with an authentic willingness to be your best and offer it to others, not only will this be a wonderful time of celebration, it will set the stage for a fantastic new year!

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