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What Employees Don’t Like About the Holidays

One thing I have observed (and learned through personal experience) is that a key component for having a relatively successful holiday celebration is to (ahead of time, and repeatedly) communicate clearly to staff about what they should expect (and not expect, if this year is different from prior years). Unmet expectations are the source of… Read more »

22 Holiday Gift Ideas Your Government Colleagues Will Love

It’s that most wonderful time of the year when you think about holiday gifts that will make your favorite coworkers feel appreciated—and then draw a complete blank on the perfect gift to give them. Giving gifts to government colleagues isn’t as straightforward as what to buy Aunt Mabel (a scarf). At the federal level, strict rules govern gifts… Read more »

12 Most Impressive Government Successes of 2015

As another year comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate the top successes achieved by U.S. government agencies in 2015. Agencies have exceeded goals, supported civil rights, created new opportunities for individuals, protected people’s wellness, and broadened our view of the universe. Rather than dwell on downers or let politics foul the mood, let’s… Read more »

Naughty or Nice: Which Government Agencies Made Santa’s List in 2015?

We’ve made a list and checked it twice. Are you ready to find out which U.S. government agencies belong on Santa’s naughty and nice lists for 2015? Grab a glass of eggnog and get ready to toast government’s highs and lows. Naughty Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Earlier this year, hackers nabbed the records of an estimated 22 million… Read more »