“Well Done is Better Than Well Said.” —Benjamin Franklin

adrielhampton.com – And with the above quote in mind, I’ll go ahead and say it. 2008 was a good year, 2009 will be better. After a three-year hiatus from doing much writing at all, I came back this year at just the right time to catch the wave of social media. I had a lot of fun learning the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter (well, still learning the ins and outs, really). I caught up on Facebook with hundreds of offline friends who I’d nearly lost in intervening years of marriage, fatherhood, moves and job changes. I’m really glad to have all of you back!

I discovered GovLoop.com, the fantastic social networking community for innovation and collaboration among government employees and contractors. Between GovLoop and Twitter (quite an overlap between the two), I met scores of new folks I’d never have otherwise known, like Mark Danielson, the super cool HR Director of Sitka, Alaska (@northpacific), Gen-Y gov superstar Steve Ressler (@govloop), the faithful and farseeing Andrew Krzmarzick (@krazykriz), the indomitable social media strategist Ari Herzog (@ariherzog), practically neighbor and great writer Meghan Harvey (@meghan1018), Beltway technologist and 2.0 leader Andrea Baker (@immunity), public works guru and Second Life evangelist Pam Broviak (@pbroviak), local real estate and Web maven Jonathan Fleming (@jonathanfleming), and too many more to list.

And, oh yeah, I had lots of fun helping elect our new president, from the Bay Area and Nevada to hundreds of calls deep into Texas and the swing states.

In 2009, I hope to deepen more of my new 2.0 relationships, and to explore what collaborative tools and new technology have to offer in terms of electric vehicles, transit integration, energy conservation, and direct democracy. I plan to introduce more 1.0 activists and leaders to the tools I’ve discovered. I’ll also be digging into a Masters in Public Administration program at SF State and thinking about leadership and tribes in this brave new world. I’ve also given thought and discussion to specific offline relationships I hope to nurture and develop this coming year.

In 2009, let’s say we did it. Happy New Year to you all!

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Michael O. Johnston


Happy New Year to you as well, lets make this year a memorable one!

Would also like to wish you luck on your Masters in Public Administration!

– Michael