What is a Web 2.0 Requirement?

Are there any examples of Web 2.0 or Social Networking requirements documents? Inquiring minds want to know. What is a Web 2.0 Requirement?

Let me preface this with, I do support and use Web 2.0 solutions. Yes, They built it (GovLoop, Facebook) and I came. So with this stated, there have been post and clear examples on how use of Web 2.0/Gov 2.0/Social Networking and components there of (Blogs, Wikis, etc) support the business and drive innovation.

There are policy documents and ROI examples that really sell the message.

For those organizations that are evaluating whether to deploy Web 2.0/Gov 2.0/Social Networking solutions, what do requirements look like? How do organizations know that they need threaded discussions vs. using the static HTML template for submission of comments? To support the business in deploying these solutions, do you wait for the customer to say ” I want a Social Network ” , deploy a tool and let them configure it on the fly?

Does anyone have examples of requirements?

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Patrick Allmond

My advice – get away from that “2.0” buzzword. It has no concrete meaning or definition. Try to define what you want in the details. Every time people try to talk about doing something the 2.0 way people always approach it with different definitions.

1. Are you wanting a user built knowledge base?
2. Are you wanting to set up forums for direct customer feedback?
3. Do you want to allow customers to connect with each other and share solutions?
4. Do you want to allow employees to have their own company sponsored blog?
5. Do you want to allow employees to record multimedia sessions to improve customer service?

Can you think of some other examples of thing you want your employees and customers to do the shorten the communication loop and improve your product or service? If so you have the beginning of your requirements 🙂 Do share and I will help you out. I teach classes on this here in Oklahoma City.