“What is Terracotta?”

Last week, Ryan provided a great summary of Terracotta’s capabilities. Terracotta’s solutions help your applications scale to a growing user base and handle Big Data without massive costs or diminishing performance. The video above provides a brief introduction that makes it easy to understand how they accomplish this.

Terracotta also produced a video on what their flagship product, BigMemory, can do for you. In the video, some of Terracotta’s clients, including Omnifone, Software AG, and Triplingo, describe how BigMemory transformed their business. As a Terracotta executive sums it up, “BigMemory makes heroes our of customers.” BigMemory has over 50,000 deployments, including the majority of the Global 2000, in 190 countries. Check the video out here: http://terracotta.org/resources/video/bigmemory

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