Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Major George Hood, Communication: The Lifeblood of all Organizations

Major Hood, who works for the Salvation Army, believes that communication in an organization needs to be a concerted effort. To do this, a finely tuned communications plan needs to be coordinated. Through communication, organizations are able to receive the resources they need. This includes primary resources, which are the capital, labor, and raw materials that are needed.They can also receive secondary resources, which include legitimacy, reputation, and integrity.

  • These resources are gained by negotiating the prices and terms for which a resource is purchased (financial communication), meaning there needs to be open communication to work out a deal both groups are happy with.
  • Aside from financial communication, organizations need to work out marketing communication with the public and stockholders by being strategic in what they choose to share.
  • Organizational communication is another type of communication to be considered, which regards what information is shared with employees..

Crafting the image and identity of an organization is the most important responsibility of corporate communication. Without a positive and responsible corporate identity, the organization could not maintain strong marketing communication.

Most importantly, to be effective, the communications effort cannot be fragmented. This concerted effort must also be adaptable, yet orderly. Consistency is key in creating this concerted, yet adaptable, communications strategy. Today we are living in a digital environment, if an organization cannot adapt to that, its survival is going to be difficult.

To create a future for an organization, the youth must be communicated with, and what better way than ways that they can respond to. For the Salvation Army, Hood set up a rock concert which included Disney bands, and it was successful because it adapted to what matters to the youth. A relationship with an emerging generation was built, helping secure the future of the Salvation Army.

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