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Why You Should “Throw Down” in Meetings!

Several months ago, a coworker noticed I had a “throw down meeting” scheduled on my Outlook calendar. “Is everything OK?” she asked, eyebrows furled. I laughed, and realized I had some explaining to do! I told her “throw down” is slang for “fight” – those of us who work with troubled teens have heard aboutRead… Read more »

Expert Tips on How To Get Things Done [Training Recap]

A recent report of entrepreneurs found that the characteristic they seek most when investing in someone’s venture startup is the ability to sustain an intense effort. Michelangelo laid on his back for four years painting the Sistine Chapel. Tim Howard had 16 saves during this year’s World Cup match against Belgium. What are you goingRead… Read more »

Momma Knows Best: 20 Tips to Be More Productive [Training Recap]

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every phone conversation with my mother ends with the following friendly reminder: “Mallory, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and eating enough fruits and vegetables.” I’ve realized over the years that this is more than just a maternal nag. In fact, taking care ofRead… Read more »

TGIF – tips for heading out the door

Follow these tips and you won’t waste time on Monday morning getting your focus back. Another Friday and 99.9% of all employees in America are muttering under their breath or uttering the words to colleagues as they walk through the doors, “Thank God It’s Friday.” We omitted .1% because there are workaholics who thinkRead… Read more »

LGS Inc. Launches The PermitLogix team has combined web management and mapping technologies to bring an easy to use service for all local government development permit and application requirements. We have truly created a product for the Gov. 2.0 era. In 2010, LGS Inc. successfully launched the Local Information Utility Cloud GIS for smallRead… Read more »