What’s the future for digital diplomacy

For those eager to get over the heady excitement of the post on What Is Public Diplomacy, here’s part two: What Next For Public Diplomacy
For those catching up, from 7-9 June 2010, Wilton Park hosted a conference for government practitioners, academics and other experts from around the world to discuss public diplomacy policy and practice. The conference was opened by Jeremy Browne MP, UK Minister of State for Public Diplomacy, and Judith McHale, US Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Both highlighted the increasing importance of engaging people and organisations beyond governments in global affairs. Discussions covered a range of themes including military involvement in soft power; the role of corporate and faith groups; digital media; cultural relations and partnerships; and engaging through sport.#
So, as ever, let us know your thoughts on the future of public diplomacy, particulalrly from the digital side.

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