What’s the right size for YOUR organization & how do I get there? Find Out This Thursday Morning

This is one of the most important underlying questions of the day! Too large means wasted resources ($$$) in carrying excess capacity, staff & real estate; too small means wasted opportunities ($$$) because of insufficient resources to meet demand (do you see a trend here? Hint: it’s costing you $$$ either way). Optimal size is not a single decision – like a snapshot in time – in reality it is a continuum – like a video without end – with constant input and adjustment BUT with the ‘time delay’ of ramp-up superimposed. Let’s examine growth and size in practical terms.

A popular axiom is a business must always grow. In recent times, growth has been hard to achieve. Leaders who have been successful in growing their organizations have had to navigate world competition, a world labor market for knowledge and administrative workers, changing market demands and a contracting domestic & world economy. Whew! What a collection of factors to juggle while trying to successfully lead an organization.

Successful organizations must retain flexibility and agility to meet the challenges of doing business in the existing world economy and world markets (we can no longer focus solely on the domestic market). Leaders will judiciously use a combination of each of the three elements of growth … build – borrow – buy … to optimize the size and capacity of the organization to meet the market demands and satisfy client needs. Tending to the core products and services (always with an eye to improvement & production efficiency) is a given, but seeking to identify new and changing client needs and develop effective ways to meet them should always be on the radar screen. This is really a primary focus of the successful leader, while trusting the managerial staff for delivery of the core products and services. And one of the more important tools at hand is what combination of the B-B-B will yield superior results satisfying the evolving needs of current and future clients and customers. What a great time to be in the leader’s seat!

To get answers about how to scale YOUR organization – JOIN US at Intelligent Office – Rockville this Thursday morning (Dec. 9th) from 7:15 until 8:30 AM for a more complete discussion of this critical issue. The session is free, but you will need to register at this link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/967151777

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