Whats your plan if the Federal Government Shuts Down??

What are you planning to do before, during and after a shutdown?

Its not like “Friday afternoon & we return monday”. The shutdown could go on for weeks.

Does your bank account have automatic withdrawls? This is more of an issue than back in ’95

What notes do you need to remember and come back to?

What meetings do you need to reschedual for the next two weeks?

How will you restart the office?

Basically think of everyone in the office ginog on leave for two weeks. Phone grettings need to be changed. Email responses need updating. Mail and paper deliveries need to be reschedualed

These are lesson’s learned from ’95 shutdown. Yes its also part of disater planning. In case of flood, bombing, etc many of these steps are taken when the office closes.

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Tom Melancon

I am going to set up my email to let people know the office is closed as well as the voice mail. I am an office of one, but I am going to inform all of the agecies that I have pending cases with tomorrow that it looks likely that I will be on furlough next week and not able to work.