Who is at the table for the Debt Ceiling talks?

So, the President, members of Congress, the Secretary of Treasury, Chief of the Federal Reserve ( I am sure) are all sitting around the “round table” discussing our nation’s future. They are deciding what is best for you and I from our work life to our home life, someone else is making the decisions. Hmmm…

Regardless of your personal opinions, lets for a brief moment take a look at what unions have done in America. From private to public sectors, people pay into an organization that has their best interests at heart. One might think, that a Republican or Democrat politician has my or your best interest at heart; I say think again.

We should note that about 40% of public employees in the USA do not have the right to organize a legally established union. Wait a minute, in a land of free choice and opportunity, someone does not have a right? Knowing that 30% of the US population is a public sector employee (93 MILLION people), I think that the numbers speak for themselves; let the Unions be represented at the bargaining table also.

Simple math tells me that unless everyone is “spending more” money, the economy cannot get moving forward. The less people spend, the less products are sold, then less taxes are collected, which in turn will cause a big strain on the American working class of people.

In closing, I believe this nation was built on the backs of people that wanted to work hard to provide for their families and to have an equal chance to succeed. Did they think for one moment they would work for an employer that would create a dangerous work environment? NO. Did they think that the employer would not pay them a fair wage for a fair days worth of work? NO. Did they think that their job would be stripped from them and sent to be sub-contracted to the cheapest bidder, potentially to a different country? NO.

These men and women came to America because America presented a chance to win. Politicians, don’t take that chance away!

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