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Reframing American Politics

At the age of 33, Don Ness was elected mayor of Duluth, Minnesota. Once an industrial heavyweight on par with Detroit, Duluth had a soaring 20 percent unemployment rate. Although decline had stabilized by the time he came into office, pessimistic voices within the town defined the city’s story. “Stability doesn’t inspire,” Ness observed. HeRead… Read more »

Guns & Gov: America’s Moral Decay

As the 2012 Olympics get underway, it’s likely that the week-old Colorado gun massacre will be overshadowed by media saturation coverage of Team USA and events in London. But let’s not forget about the disturbing and deadly event that took place in the town of Aurora, Colorado, last week — which reportedly left 12 innocentRead… Read more »

The Government Man and the Samplehog

My last blog was uncharacteristic of me. I’m more comfortable telling tall tales than doing political commentary but the extraordinary events surrounding the debt ceiling crisis put me over the edge. This week I revert back to the tales. Some of you might have noticed in prior blogs and commentaries just a hint of disdainRead… Read more »

Who is at the table for the Debt Ceiling talks?

So, the President, members of Congress, the Secretary of Treasury, Chief of the Federal Reserve ( I am sure) are all sitting around the “round table” discussing our nation’s future. They are deciding what is best for you and I from our work life to our home life, someone else is making the decisions. Hmmm…Read… Read more »

New social media guidance and interactive website for local politicians

This guidance was written for a UK audience, but local politicians from anywhere will find everything bar a few legal bits useful. People are now turning first to the web to find everything from information about days out, entertainment, shopping, to making connections with friends and colleagues. People expect to be able to comment andRead… Read more »