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Who to know – Mother’s Day edition

From BeltWiki Blog on WhoRunsGov by The Washington Post

If you have not sent your a Mother’s Day gift, there is still time (barely). But you deserve to get hit with those Saturday shipping fees. Didn’t mom always warn you about procrastinating?

Because WhoRunsGov profiles are reserved for the most powerful policy makers in the country, it baffles one without children how anyone could manage to raise a family at the same time they legislate, regulate or politic. But these women do it all:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, mom of three, picked up a second job this week. She’s the new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. “My generation is significantly unrepresented in terms of public policy and decision making. As a woman today, it’s very different living through raising children and balancing work and family. It’s an opportunity to reach out to so many families,” Wasserman Schultz said of balancing motherhood and career in a recent NYT piece.

This week the Hill ran a series of Q&A articles on “Super-Congressmoms,” featuring women of the House and Senate who also have school-age children. The most interesting answers were to the question “Are there any ‘mom skills’ that are also useful on the job?” Some of the responses:

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