Who’s Talking the Most?

Social Media is being utilized to improve citizen engagement in a number of agencies. Our guide, The Social Media Experiment in Government: Elements of Excellence Highlights the new and exciting ways that agencies are accomplishing this. If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend taking a look at this guide and see the experimentation going on with social media.

Another great resource to look at regarding the use of social media in government is GovTwit’s Leaderboard. To illustrate the usefulness of this leaderboard I thought I would take a look at how outgoing tweets affect overall twitter followers. The table below displays the top 5 agencies with the most outgoing tweets last week. The table below that shows which agencies currently have the most twitter followers. It’s interesting to see the relationship between the two or rather the lack thereof. It’s also important to note who is atop the leaderboard in outgoing tweets and that these agencies are ones which require large citizen engagement.

What government social media trends would you be interested in seeing?

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