Why are Civic Organizations Important?


I live in the City of New Haven, CT (#gscia).  I am reading a super famous book about cities called City by Douglas Rae. It is one of the best books I have ever read.

It has 12 chapters. This is a 12-blog post series about each chapter. Read the other posts in the series here.

This post is on Chapter Eleven: The End of Urbanism.

“Before suburban sprawl, and before mass media broadcasting, evenings spent in the company of others in pursuit of shared goals or symbolic ideals, or even plain mischief, had many attractions.”

-Doug Rae, City

In Chapter Eleven of City, Rae describes the rapid decline of a  dense, thriving network of civic organizations beginning in the mid-19th century. With less civic organizations — citizen-led and operated advocacy, social, and partnership groups — came less interaction between and leadership from everyday citizens.

At the top of the post is a video I put together and edited for my friend. He is the owner of a local bike coop that — despite these national trends Rae describes — is continuing to be a civic organization that is building leaders and connecting neighbors.

What civic organization in your city is important to you?

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