Why do people want tell the world their GS grade?

Can someone explain to me why so many people like to throw around what grade they are? I think it is a sign of no class, everyone counts no matter what GS grade they currently possess.

My GS grade or job title does not define me; my willingness to be a good public servant for the federal government defines me.

People within the Federal government totally forget about the mission of their agency or department. Your job’s mission should motivate you or living out your dreams and helping people should define you. If you are getting paid great money to help others, then you are truly blessed with a gift. Job titles and salaries can easily fade away, but your integrity will last forever.

Any thoughts?

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Jack Shaw

I agree with you. I think some people need it to define them, to give themselves status. In some cases they want the sympathy that should be accorded them since they are lower paid than anyone else. Or the prestige of being higher paid, yet maybe lower in the organization, making them on par with someone higher in the organization with a lesser grade.

In the military, rank has its privileges but you aren’t a good leader if you have to use it outwardly to get what you need. I think it’s always better to earn the respect and downplay the respect you may have earned on paper or by your position. Better to have people surprised if they learn your grade than to wonder why you have it.

In some organizations, it’s easy to be motivated by doing a good job; in others, you can’t even talk to someone not on your level. That’s government for you. Sometimes it doesn’t know what to be. Some people are lazy and get away with it, while others are dedicated way beyond their grade and never get rewarded for it. I say be proud of what you are and do your best. Look for opportunities to be better and seek them out. Seek out constructive criticism and apply what you want to. Be true to yourself. At some point, the job works or it doesn’t. Sad that it is sometimes down to how people treat each other, how egos make or break a person–even him or herself. After you have done your best…what happens next is up to you.

Kanika Tolver

People are always ego tripping over their GS grade. I treat the GS-15 the same way I treat the GS-3. Just because I am a high GS grade does not give me the right to look down upon the trash man, security guard, etc.