Why We Comment

Commenting is an honor and a privilege. What readers often don’t realize is how much they can add
to a post by commenting.
The old model was “broadcast.” Your radio,
television, or newspaper communicated “at” you. The result was lowest
common denominator news, education, and entertainment.
In 1999, the Cluetrain Manifesto started with
“All Markets Are Conversations” (meaning two-way), and the genie was out
of the bottle. Today, those traditional broadcast channels are adding
conversational opportunities to halt their audience erosion.
Most of
the comments I get on my posts expand and enrich my understanding of
each subject. I am grateful.
When I see comments on other blogs,
they usually increase the believability of a post while adding new data.

Commenting is an acquired skill. We get better with practice.
Commenting seldom takes much effort, and a thoughtful comment improves
In the future, when you have the opportunity, please
Might as well start here! *grin*

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