Witty Ts for Government Worker Bees at NextGen!

Last year I teamed up with a brilliant designer here in Ottawa to found a company that aims to bring a little more fun into the public service. Together we’re redefining private-public partnerships by delivering a witty set of designer Ts that are either positively encouraging, derisively subversive, and perfectly ironic to office workers across north America. We called the business – wait for it … :

… and after almost a year in the hopper we finally went full monty and I’d love to hear what you guys think. We launched nine designs in total but I wanted to draw your attention to a couple that I think really pop (you can view all the designs here).

This one is my personal favorite; wickedly clever, I wore it to a job interview last week under a blazer and sported a grey/black pocket square to match:

And this one, well this one is just straight hilarious and probably awesome to wear on the road. I haven’t been to an airport bar in one yet, but I’m coming down for NextGen again this year and I plan on living that experience on the way down!

Speaking of NextGen, I’ve been mulling over the program and I’m really looking forward to a couple of the keynotes and will be facing some tough decisions on the breakouts. If you haven’t registered yet, its well worth the price of admission, if you have, then make sure you come see me because I’m really keen to get your take on our designs and will be handing out some fine Bureaucratees swag. In the interim, if you like what you see, would love you help us help you by leaving a comment, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or placing an order.

Thanks a lot for the time, see you in July!

Whoa! Small update: I’ve tagged in on the program again this year, I’m dishing on the importance of storytelling during one of the breakouts on day one; and boy do I have some stories 😉

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