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40 Hours of Fun

There are endless ways to deal with stress: exercise, music, meditation, prioritization, etc. But there’s one that government employees don’t talk about as often: laughter.

Witty Ts for Government Worker Bees at NextGen!

Last year I teamed up with a brilliant designer here in Ottawa to found a company that aims to bring a little more fun into the public service. Together we’re redefining private-public partnerships by delivering a witty set of designer Ts that are either positively encouraging, derisively subversive, and perfectly ironic to office workers acrossRead… Read more »

A Strange Thank-You: A Species of Fish is Named After Obama

Ecologist Steve Layman from Geosyntec Consultants and biologist Rick Mayden from Saint Louis University discovered 5 new species of fish. The scientists decided to name a new species after Presidents and Vice Presidents who they wanted to recognize for their influential role in advancing environmental policies. The scientists explained their decision: “We chose President ObamaRead… Read more »