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The 2nd Annual FedPitch: Change has come to…the Mall?

With all the change going on in the Washington these days there has never been a better time for individuals with good ideas to stand up and be heard. As it turns out, 13L (www.13l.org), Young Government Leaders and a handful of other great organizations are offering an opportunity to do just that – the 2nd Annual FedPitch. FedPitch is an innovative, grass-roots initiative providing citizens the opportunity, and forum, to present their ideas on ways to improve workforce management in the federal government.

Sound interesting? Want a chance to be heard? Good. This is what you need to do.

Step one, idea. Dig deep. Imagine you’re in charge and you have all the time, talent and money in the world. What would you do to effect positive change in your department? Your agency? Your government?

Step two, go to www.fedpitch.org and submit your idea by April 4th. If you dream big enough you just might be selected as a finalist on April 13th.

This is where the fun begins. Last year, 13L brought the finalists together to meet with professional speech writers to hone their idea to a two minute pitch. Then, they pitched their ideas before a live audience and a panel of judges on the National Mall as part of Public Service Recognition Week. This year the presentations will be held on May 7th between 1:30 and 3:00pm.

If you’d like to see what you’ll be up against, or just get some ideas for your agency, check out the finalists from last year’s competition: http://www.fedpitch.org/fp2008/FedPitch%202008%20Presentations.pdf

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