You’ll Never Look At Terrorism The Same After Tomorrow

Yep! Those Homeland Security Advosry System Alerts are going away after nine years. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will unveilthe new public warning system tomorrow, January 27, 2011. The old color-coded system will be phased out with the changes implemented by the end of April.

CNN reported the new methodology for alerts (called the National Terror Advisory System), will focus on specific threats in geographical areas.

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Peter Sperry

I am not sure which is more frightening, the terrorists or the paranoid micro managing empire building reaction to them among government agencies. At least this new change seems to represent a step back from the brink of an over reactive police state. Hopefully it will be the first of many.

Allen Sheaprd

I’m looking forward to a more specific system. Constant ‘warning danger ahead” is useless. There is always danger ahead.

A more specific message saying – “be careful of holding packages for strangers. Better yet do not” “Warning terrorist may try to slip past gate.” These are specific messages people can act upon.

Yes the comedians will have a new field day. These examples are just two steps up from warning labels that read “Do not iron cloths while on body”, “Do not dry hair while sleeping”, “WARNING – contents of hot coffee cup is hot” Comedians will have funny ones like “Caution – terrorists look just like us” or “Caution: explosions cause burns – do not microwave”

Hopefully changing the messages will keep them fresh, noticed and on the mind.

Next step – get TSA to mean Trasportation Safety Admin instead instead of the current “Touching, squeezing – arresting”

Anna Abbey

This feels like a highly symbolic act and a little like healing.

We will never cease to be gaurded, but maybe we are finally moving past a decade of nation wide active fear.