Coolest Canadian Ever: Nick Charney’s Path to Public Service

Nick Charney up now:

– Gave up his career in NHL while his team was on clear path to Stanley Cup
– Outlined the STARK contrast between former and current career (awesome Prezi slides forthcoming)
– Be introspective, get perspective
– Fight back, but there’s a difference b/t raising your fist in protest and giving your open hand to volunteer
– Rather than throw in towel, volunteered to do everything
– If your muscles are atrophying, get up and start moving
– If shown the door by a boss who doesn’t appreciate innovation, find some lessons to learn
– Make a lot of noise and inspire people with your passion – unapologetically
– When asked what he does, shows samurai, fanatics, kid swinging w/glee and dude hearing unknown tunes
– Surround people who tell you ” yes, you can” vs. people who say you can’t
– Impossible is nothing – refers to “Working in government is an endurance sport” blog
– Training approach to marathon is good analogy for what we’re doing in government

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