OPM's Matt "Government Cool Again" Collier: Dreaming Big, Kicking Butt

Blogging live from Next Generation of Gov't Summit.

Kick-off speaker is Matt Collier, head of OPM's "Making Government Cool Again" initiative. Some notes:
- Started out wanting to be a pilot
- Interned in a congressional office, then worked at Homeland Security
- Went to Stanford, swore he'd never return to DC
- Tapped by Obama Administration to "make government cool again"
3 Ways Government is Trying to Make Government Cool
- Outlined "Pathways to Public Service" Project - streamlining process to get a government job
- Talked about "Results Only Work Environment" - trying to prove effectiveness of mobile workers
- Lastly, OPM is creating an "Innovation Lab" - including fun work environments
- "In the confrontation between river and rock, the river always wins" - be patient and persistent.
- Don't fight your senior leaders. Learn from them. They've probably tried it and hit the same walls.

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