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Dirty Dozen: 12+ Issues Impacting IT Transformation

Live blogging the “Transforming IT” session – Dan Munz from GSA and Tiffany Smith from State Department.

The audience is sharing some of their issues with using innovative tech, including:
1. Centralizing #Gov20 policy – can we get one uber policy that covers all agencies and expedites moving forward?
2. Big barrier = security. How do we respond responsibly to this roadblock?
3. Organizational awareness – no one knows what we’re doing (and why)!!
4. Interagency collaboration – we’re doing many similar things, but fail to share
5. Contracting – not getting what we’re paying for in most cases, need to set up right contracts/skills.
6. Risks vs. “Risks” – Many resisters are fearful…some fears are legitimate, some not. How do we differentiate?
7. Transit data sharing is glowing example of the usefulness of “letting it all hang out”
8. Goes both ways: FDR berated for not implementing a policy; turned it back on people – hold me accountable!
9. Make everyone’s contributions valuable – share metrics to let people know their efforts are worthwhile!
10. Leadership – We need heroic agency champions…we’re holding out for heroes ’til the dawn’s early light.
11. Real people, real time – people are impatient w/typical slow pace/lack of face in gov’t communication.
12. Not just throwing open doors w/open government – just opening the shades in some cases.
13. We’re all IT professionals – since we use IT as a normal part of our lives, we all have input on its use.
14. Use the buddy system – you may know a little, but get with people who know a lot!
15. Leave a bread crumb trail – folks are getting burned out, but haven’t left clear markers along the path.
16. Rules are okay – policies protect us and set parameters for true freedom to move and grow.
17. Let’s keep talking! Share more ideas and responses below.

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David Dejewski

Good post, Andy. As usual.

I’d like to know specifically what people think about “Leave a bread crumb trail.”

What ideas do people have for leaving that trail? Should it be in the form of a repository in the cloud? Should it be in the form of formal written policy? A transition plan? The Enterprise Architecture? What formal artifact is best suited for storing and retrieving these bread crumbs?

Daniel Bevarly

Connecting with Main Street – Use collaboration technology to identify citizen wants and needs to get them interested in and participating in their government. There’s no accountability w/o a feeling of ownership.

Keith Moore

Open Government TV salutes and will promote ideals of a new generation of Leaders, if the new generation is committed to the ideals of ensuring that empowerment, employment, enrichment, education advancement, environmentally sustainable policies to renew the American spirit, and ignite a movement that will engage large businesses to participate and collaborate with small and mid sized, and economically challenged businesses. For when we do, then and only then, can we have a New Generation of Leaders. We at Open Government Believe in the Possibilities, http://www.opengovtv.com. Good Luck on Day 2 of the Summit.