Daily Dose: What’s Your State of the Union?

Next week President Obama will grace you’re television screen and tell you how he thinks the nation is doing. This will be the Presidents third State of the Union Address. What will he say about recession? The war in the Middle East? No one knows for sure.

Earlier this week Amanda Zamora of the Washington Post asked an interesting question:

If you were in his (President Obama) shoes, what would you say? What’s happening in your corner of the country, and what should we do about it? In a minute or less, give us your “State of the Union.”

So What’s Your State of the Union?

Here’s our buddy and Washington Post staffer Ed O’Keefe’s:

You don’t have to do a video like Ed but just in the comments below tell us one thing that would be in YOUR State of the Union address.


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Christopher Whitaker

Well….let’s see

Unemployment is improving, but still about the same level as it was when everyone was the Bank of Evil Lehman Brothers collapsed. So, I’m still busy.

The other problem is that with the state budget being what it is, we’e had to merge offices and so the number of people we have to service has grown by quite a bit.