Mike Dover Wikibrands Author Live Chat Transcript

Wow! 111 of you joined GovLoop and Wikibrands author Mike Dover for a 30 minute live chat today. A ton a great questions were asked and Mike did his best to knock them all out. First off a shout out to Mike for being awesome and agreeing to do the chat. Secondly thank you to everyone that participated.

If you weren’t in the chat you missed out but luckily only momentarily because we have the entire chat between the community and Mike right here:

Download PDF of the Chat

So many great questions were asked that it was impossible to get to them all. So we’ve started a forum with the remaining questions and we welcome anyone to try to take a crack at answering them.

Questions from Live-Chat with Wikibrands Mike Dover

Also remember that our speaker Mike Dover is on GovLoop and you can always friend him! Also there is a ton a great answers and information in Mike’s book Wikibrands.

Thanks and look forward to our next one of these… hopefully soon.

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