Friday Fab Five: Experts, Spacings and The Magic Words

EveryFriday, we take a quick look back at the week and highlight fivemembers or moments that were especially awesome. Here’s who and whatrocked it out this week. Also we want to know how or what you think killed it this week on the site so help us out with your comments below.

5. The Most Popular Blog of the Week goes to When Are You An Expert by Kristy Fifelski. This one wasn’t even close taking in more than 30 comment in less than 24 hours this post was a homerun from the start. Some of the answers were funny some of them were thought out but the thing that struck me is that it seems everyone has a different definition for an expert. Out of all the answer here’s the one I like the best.

“We all collaborate in a peer-to-peer fashion, but when your peers begin to recommend you to others needing expertise in your area, then you are an expert.”- Yun-Mei Lin

4. The Top Forum was also not close at all. This week is goes to the heated battle between one spacing (like this post) and two spacing: Hello. My name is Bill and I am a Double-Spacer by Bill Brantley. The hilarious thing about this discussion is that it got semi heated. Currently the vote stands in favor of the single spacers so hence I’m using on of their comments.

When I took a job as an editor, one of the first things they taught me was that the “correct” structure was one space. And they explained it as a few others have in this thread that in the “old days” we had to use two spaces to produce the correct spacing when published/printed. But now with computers, this has been fixed so we only use one. – Pam Broviak

3. Most Active Group goes to Community Service and Volunteerism. Yeah you might look at the group and say it doesn’t have many members but that’s all going to change soon now that Allen Shepard has taken over the group. Allen is super passionate about the group and it’s content. So stop by and join the group to see what Allen is doing with it. Also this group fits right in with the volunteering theme of MLK day which was this week. Take a look at what a few govies did with their day off: Great Martin Luther King Jr. Volunteer Experience.

2. Quote of the Week goes to Darrel Cole on Patrick Fiorenza‘s 3 Magic Words of Gov 2.0. The post focuses on engagement and Darrel’s comment really strikes a cord on the best way to get engagement.

The best public engagement is getting to the people who are being impacted by a public project, before it occurs. I think for many in the general public, like the barber, it’s just hard to find the time or get engaged unless they can feel it themselves.

1. Finally, Rockstar(s) of the Week go to our Community greeters who sat down with Andy K and myself this week. They had so many amazing ideas on how to make GovLoop better fro everyone and I hope we’ll start to implement some of those nuggets of brilliance in the coming months. For people who don’t know our awesome greeters you should totally get to know them and follow them on GovLoop. Here they are: Tara*, I.J, Amy Phillips, Joshua Joseph and Kathryn Hambleton

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Allen Sheaprd

Huzzzah !! (never thought I’d hear that outside of Anime)

Recognition feels great so thank you. To the audience – stay tuned: more of you will be the next to be Fab 5 !

Management has been a topic this week. Come to the Volunteer group ( and see why volunteer experience teaches how to motivate people you can not pay, raise their pay, punish nor give a bonus to. Hint – having Stephen or anyone else here recognition is part of the answer.