Will Civil Servants Survive the Fiscal Freeze? LIVE CHAT, Wednesday 1/26 at 11a ET

Update 1/27:

LIVE CHAT Archive found here:


Check it out, GovLoopers!

We’re teaming up with the Washington Post to host a live chat next Wednesday morning right here on GovLoop.

Next Wednesday at 11a

— the morning after the President’s State of the Union address —

we’ll be using CoverIt Live to support a simultaneous conversation that combines Post readers and GovLoop members to offer our opinions and insights on the impending pay freeze.

Post reporter Lisa Rein (right) and I will be moderating the discussion.

We can’t wait for you to join us next Wednesday!

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Lisa Rein

Hi Loopers. We really hope you’ll tune into the chat. Please voice your thoughts. I think this issue will be my main stream of coverage for 2011–so I’m looking for story ideas and insights. Cheers.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks, Lisa. My hope is that agencies will find creative ways to use resources and reward high performers in an austere environment.

If anyone has suggestions for questions, please let us know!

Peter Sperry

I’ve always found it very difficult to participate in WaPo’s live chats from work. My boss tends to like me to be, you know “working” at 11:00 rather than chatting on line and questions left in advance almost never get answered by WaPo chatters.

BTW, I see as many opportunities as challenges in the current environment. If Congress gets serious about moving the retirement calculation to high 5 from high 3, many senior 14s, 15s and SLs will head for the door while the bill is in conference committee to lock in their top 3 status. This could create a vacuum effect with many opportunities for promotion even in a “hire 2 replacements for every 3 leaving” environment. Yes we will may have to work harder but we can do that.