Friday Fab Five: Youtah, Robot Uprisings, and Comic Sans’ Revenge

Having a short week was nice, no? It came quickly, but believe it or not, it’s time for the…

Friday Fab 5!

Well it’ll be back to the normal grind next week, but in the meantime, why not sit back, relax, and take a reflect on some of the top content here on GovLoop.

Today’s Blog of the Week actually comes to us from a group of GovLoopers. Multiple authors, but one collective theme. That’s right, I’m talking about the new Utah.gov. By now, I’m sure you have heard of the new website which went live earlier this week, and are fully aware of it’s significance in the world of technology assisted government-citizen relations. As one commenter stated, it sets the bar pretty high when it comes to functionality and design. Of course though, as with any new site launch, it’s not without it’s bugs which I’m sure will be remedied over the course of the coming months. So why do you love the new utah.gov site? Personally, despite the naysayers, I am a big fan of the forward-facing layout and UI. Yeah it’s different than what the traditional website organization, but I firmly believe this is going to be the new trend for these types of websites. Just like any technology, you either get on the train, or get left at the platform. Here’s a list of blog posts from GovLoopers talking about the new site. Check them out and add your thoughts!

Top 5 Features of New Utah.govAndrew Krzmarzick

Video: New Utah.gov Website Takes RisksKristy Fifelski

A Beautiful New (Government) WebsiteAbhi Nemani

The Federal Government Can Learn a Few Things from a New State Government WebsiteSteve Raddick

The Top Forum goes to Joshua Aaron DeLung and his discussion Qustion: Where Do You Turn When You Travel for Work? A fairly popular post yes, but one of the more impressive elements at play here is the speed at which the responses came. Within a matter of hours, fellow GovLoopers began responding with suggestions on travel companies they’ve used, agency policies, and a variety of other useful information. Traveling for pleasure and traveling for business can yield completely different experiences so it’s definitely helpful to have advice of those who have blazed the path before. So if you’ve got a business trip on the horizon, check out the great resources and commentary that the community had to offer.

Hotwire, FedTraveler, GovTrip, E2, Adventure Travel, FedRooms, Hipmunk, Orbitz

The Most Active Group this week goes to the Graphic Design in Government group, originally organized by Robert Gresh. Who doesn’t appreciate great, eye-catching design? It can make or break a website, brochure, or any other kind of publication, as most people decide within a matter of seconds whether or not they find its appearance appealing. Some say that content is king, but without clean, inspired design, no average person will last more than a few sentences in your document or website. In the past, this aspect of business has not been the government’s forte, but no longer. The members of this group are in the business of breaking out of the stereotypes, and thinking outside of the box. Or better yet, ditching the box completely and changing the game all together. It’s time for the government’s graphic designers to shine. Want to be part of the movement? Head on over, and join the graphic designer’s group right now!

Our Quote of the Week comes to us from Lee-Anne Peluk‘s blog post, You’re a Machine, Do What I Say! If you have ever been frustrated by technology (and who hasn’t), you will understand this sentiment proposed by Lee-Anne perfectly. Why should we let ourselves be bossed around by mere machines? We created and now operate them, shouldn’t we be telling them what to do? Lee-Anne has some great thoughts and more about the subject, but here’s a short excerpt to get you started:

“You’re a machine, do what I say.”

It works in so many contexts: for example, when a dialogue box has the audacity to make itself a priority over whatever else I am working on, to let me know that something I requested, like, ages ago, has been completed. I have to stop what I am doing and validate the machine by clicking ”ok.”

Really? How about this: you’re just a machine, do what I say!
I shouldn’t have to validate you. It’s not like you have feelings.

And finally, Rockstar of the Week goes to (drumroll please…) Abhi Nemani, Director of Strategy and Communications for the awesome organization, Code for America. What’s that you say? You don’t know Code for America? Check them out here. Though, the real reason we’re highlighting Abhi this week is the amazing content that he has contributed the past few days. From the new utah.gov to a new San Ramon Fire Department App, Abhi has covered it all. So way to be a rockstar Abhi. Keep posting and we’ll keep reading!

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