From Citycamp – Code for America

60% of municipal workers will retire in 5 years

Inspired from Teach for America, Apps for Democracy…

2.0 + municipal workforce…

Bring in some new ideas
-Put cities in charge
-Focus on collaboration

City Recruitment
-Looking for cities

Fellow Recruitment
-Industry veterans – called to serve, team leads
-Talent – build resume, team member

Leonard Lin – CTO of Code for America…Sold upcoming to yahoo in 2005.

Support – city sponsors, mentors, fellows, CFA institute

3 to 5 cities – articulate a project…want built by 5 developers
-competitive and collaborative
-one team of 25 developers but competting 5X5

-January – CFA Institute
Feb – City Tour
March – Sep – Development
Sep – Launch event
Oct – Nov – Wrap upand hand off

Create ongoing collaboration – place for cities to collaborate with each other
-share resources and share new thinkings

Talent – new generation of gov’t tech rock starts
-create role models
-drive culture change

Disruption of inefficient contractor model
Drive open data

Create people to community managers – secret sauce of web 2.0 revolution
-human voice of bureacuracy
-your city is listening

-help us keep city clean – potholes, service requests, using smart phones as pothole
-basic pothole reporting…doing baseline data gathering
-311 and CRM issue
-Quality of life indicators in the city
-Social network to prioritize potholes
-More sophisticated relationship of between cities – flow of people, ideas, etc…can we build services such as finanical, legislature

Build use case for city

Same tech for consumers…same tech for govt employees…

Looking at community organizing and citizen engagement

Neighborhood watchgroups…went from 4k to 20k…place for communication…tools to be organizer..more sophisticated.

Foursquare for neighborhood activism…launch series of govt programs…

Public engagement portal…pay bills…module on top of that…organizign tools

How do you remove barriers…neighborhood email list…

Project planning platform…Melbourne…created their 20 year plan in collaborative wiki. Public works process is arcane..and absurd. 1 public meeting…spit out site and hub…alerts for meetings, decisions…

Want hear feedback…vent for awhile…then shut-down..try project, get negative flow back, and afraid to do it again

Value creating SWAT teams….

Are there people in the city that now it? Visualize it…

Find, Validate publicly, and Connect Innovators

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