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Your Social Strategy: Get Your Residents to ‘Like’ You

Last week, PublicStuff hosted a webinar on how local governments can better leverage social media platforms to facilitate collaborative and constructive conversations with residents. Lynne DeWilde, PIO of Suwanee, GA, joined us to demonstrate actionable tips on how to use today’s most popular platforms, how to determine a social media policy and voice, how much… Read more »

From Citycamp – Code for America

60% of municipal workers will retire in 5 years Inspired from Teach for America, Apps for Democracy… 2.0 + municipal workforce… Bring in some new ideas -Put cities in charge -Focus on collaboration City Recruitment -Looking for cities Fellow Recruitment -Industry veterans – called to serve, team leads -Talent – build resume, team member LeonardRead… Read more »

Local Gov Session at #citycamp – Best Practices/Success Stories

Room for sharing and working together Place to share ideas and move beyond ideas Edmonton – several thousands followers -not just retweet news -actually answer people back City of Tacoma – answer peole back Twitter- Austin – only allow followers…not responses…part of policy -Comm actually tweets…but from department to comm… -Comm team – YouTube andRead… Read more »

Maybe a foolish idea from a Gov’t 2.0 thinker: Could be usefull the “wikigov” concept?

Maybe is not as new as I thought, but re-reading the Dan Tapscott’s Wikinomics again, I was trying to link the wikinomics principles to e-government. And I made a question to share with you: It’s possible to think about wikigovs? If it is, Is’t usefull at local level? Wikigovs could be a model of governmentRead… Read more »